Nog even afpassen en het maatpak zit perfect...
Great care is taken to ensure a perfect fit!

A suit for women

So elegant and a feminine cut

Domhoff travelling tailors has also got the perfect solution for women.

Our suits are fully tailored to your measurements incorporating your personal wishes and requirements.

The clientele consists of ladies looking for a tailored suit, jacket, skirt, trousers, dinner suit or overcoat. Ladies who want something different can be assured of the correct outfit for each occasion.


Due to the years of experience we are able to offer our expert advice on materials, styles and models. The almost unrestricted range of materials and styles enable us to guarantee a uniquely comfortable suit of the highest quality.

Below are a few examples of styles. Apart from our extensive collection of materials one can also choose many styles; single or double-breasted - short or long jacket - waisted or more widely fitted - flared or narrow fitted trousers - short or longer matching skirts. The garments will be finished with your own choice of details and linings which - if you like - can be finished with a contrast coloured seam or lace.

Working together with our clients we will always create your own unique, made to measure suit or jacket.


Stijlvol en perfect op uw figuur gesneden.

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