Wij komen bij u thuis of op kantoor om uw maten op te nemen
Accurate measurements guarentee a better fit.

A comfortable suit for the real gentleman

Een maatpak maakt het verschil.
A stylish suit to measure will make the difference.

Domhoff travelling tailors creates made-to-measure suits for the gentleman who is looking for the perfectly fitted suit.

Our clientele is looking for their unique suit, jacket, blazer, dinner suit or overcoat with that distinguished look.


At Domhoff travelling tailors we are able to provide you with the opportunity to design your own garment including your own personal wishes. This aspect combined with superb quality cloth and cut according to your own individual requirements will make your garment comfortable and unique.


Due to the years of experience we are able to offer our expert advice on materials, styles and models. The almost unrestricted range of materials and styles enable us to guarantee a uniquely comfortable suit of the highest quality.



Voor elke gelegenheid, altijd in stijl.

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