Your personal tailor

True quality knows no compromise. And in the case of a tailor-made suit, that means achieving a delicate balance of multiple critical details. Each matched perfectly to the person who’ll be wearing it. Because as well as fitting you, a tailor-made suit must also befit you.

Discover the know-how of five generations of Domhoff tailors. We’d be happy to visit you personally to show you our collection and for an initial fitting, in your home or at your place of work.












What we do best

Nothing is as personal as a suit. “If it doesn’t suit you, it’s not your suit.” Or, as Oscar Wilde put it: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

This is the reason why at Domhoff Travelling Tailors we believe in personal contact. Visiting your home or office, so we can we can provide the best possible advice. Finding that perfect balance between the transitory nature of fashion, the timelessness of tradition and the stamp of your particular personality.

what we do best
See you at your home or at your office.