Since 1860

The history of Domhoff dates back to around 1860, when Leonardus Theodorus Domhoff set up as a tailor in Dordrecht in the Netherlands, which at the time was a major trading centre. He had three sons who continued the business under the name Gebr. Domhoff (Domhoff Bros.) and established themselves in Rotterdam, The Hague and Amsterdam. Because the ready-made clothing industry did not yet exist, everyone at the time wore a tailor-made suit. And Gebr. Domhoff quickly grew to become one of the largest tailors in the top segment of the Dutch market.

An affordable alternative to the entirely handmade suit

Around 1970, Jan Domhoff Snr. invested a lot of energy in developing an alternative to the entirely handmade suit whilst maintaining quality and comfort, (thereby providing a more affordable solution.)Employing the latest techniques, he helped develop a bespoke suit that was cut completely to your size and then tailored using the know-how of the ready-made industry. This reduced costs while maintaining the same high quality and perfect fit. Thus ensuring the tailor-made suit remained affordable.

The tailor who comes to you

In 1972, Jan Domhoff Snr set up as an independent tailor in Haarlem under the name, Travelling Tailors BV Ltd. He visited his clients throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, at home or in their office. This proved an invaluable solution for business people with a busy schedule. In 1991 his son, Jan Domhoff Jnr, joined the firm. Together with Ingeborg Domhoff-van Walree, they formed the family’s fifth generation of tailors.

Travelling to Scotland

In 2001 Domhoff Travelling Tailors added a new chapter to the ‘travelling’ aspect in the name. Using the extensive network of Cameron Buchanan, the director of Harrisons of Edinburgh, Jan Domhoff jnr. set up regular trips to Scotland introducing the quality Domhoff suits to the Scottish customers. Around 120 customers are informed 4 times per year of our trips to Edinburgh where they come to see us choosing their next tailor-made garments