EdinburghSome might call it ‘bringing coals to Newcastle’, or as the Dutch would say, ‘carrying water to the sea’, but many Scottish people really appreciate the quality of tailoring Domhoff Travelling Tailors can offer them.
No need anymore to head south to London’s Savile Row to pick up your made-to-measure suit, as Domhoff Travelling Tailors brings its exclusive craftsmanship to you in the Scottish capital.

We first visited Edinburgh in 1926 to buy fabric from the celebrated cloth manufacturers, Harrisons of Edinburgh. Obviously one of the most important aspects of a tailor-made suit is that the cloth is of the highest quality, and Harrisons has a long tradition in producing excellent cashmere, outdoor fabrics, suitings and flannels.

Then some 20 years ago, we began making suits for clients in Scotland. Initially, this was mostly for friends and family of the director of Harrisons Cameron Buchanan. But due to today’s growing demand in Scotland for bespoke clothing, we have stepped up our visits to Edinburgh to measure up our increasingly diverse list of customers there. After all, we’re not called Travelling Tailors for nothing.
Due to this increasing demand for our services, we’re now considering a visit in the future to London.
Please let us know if that is something that you would find useful.