Our shirts are also tailor-made. We’d be delighted to advise you on which shirts go well with your made-to-measure suit, but obviously you can also mix & match your shirts yourself, following your own taste or judgement. We offer a wide selection of 100% cotton and linen fabrics (plain, striped, checked, herringbone, etc), as well as a choice of collars, cuffs and other trimmings.

A Domhoff shirt can be yours from €175, depending on fabric choice and with a minimum order of three shirts.


Ladies can also have their shirts tailor-made, exactly the way you want them and from a very wide selection of fabrics.

We offer a choice of cuffs and collars, short or long, fitted or loose, with round or straight hem. A contrast collar or cuff in a fabric of your choice is also possible. The cost of a ladies’ shirt depends on choice of fabric and starts from €165 for a minimum order of three shirts.

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Stripes, plain, polka dot, paisley, fantasy… the choice of ties is endless. We’d be happy to advise you on the right tie for your suit. Or you can choose from our exclusive Domhoff silk tie collection.